About David Morgan

David Morgan is a self taught photographer who lives in South East Wales. His passion for photography started when he was 16 when, having passed all of his 'O' Levels, his father bought him a Pracktica 35mm SLR camera with a selection of lenses. As a teenager, David had his fair share of failures and often experienced disappointment when his films were developed. However, he also produced fabulously lit images and these successes drove him on to photograph the landscapes when the light was at its most spectacular.

Now in his 40's and married with a family, David has converted to digital photography and over the last 10 years has had to re-teach himself new techniques, this time with the post processing that accompanies digital photography. However, digital manipulation will never replace the image that is taken when the light is at its most sublime, and David can often be seen shooting landscapes at dawn and dusk.

David has been published in several photographic magazines and was featured for his images of the Second Severn Crossing in Advanced Photographer. He has also been published in the British Airways in-flight magazines and consequently this corner of South East Wales where he spends most of his photographic time has been seen all over the world. David has won several awards for his photography and his image of London City Hall was featured as a front cover image of Digital Photography.

Locally, David can often be seen with his cameras and tripod shooting the Second Severn Crossing. In his opinion, he took his finest ever image of the bridge one Christmas Eve when the sunrise exploded into a riot of colour, but he always hopes to produce another iconic image for others to view.